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Hong Kong 4/17/17

We flew out of San Fransisco at 1:30 am.  Stayed up to try to force sleeping on the plane.  We arrived in Hong Kong at 7 am Hong Kong time.  Think I slept about 30 minutes on the flight.  I just can't sleep sitting up.  C was able to lay across to seats in our row and get some sleep.

Hong Kong is amazing!  Flying in you see construction is going on everywhere.  Must have been 50-60 ships drilling piers to expand next to the airport.  Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than New York.  I think on average they are probably taller too.  Lots of traffic and people everywhere.  Got to our hotel, Shangri-La (Kowloon), is gorgeous.  Must be either 4 or 5 star.  Got to the hotel about 9 and after a brief meeting went to our room.  Back down to meet at 10:30 and got our scavenge book and hit the pavement scavenges.


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San Francisco 4/16/17

Wide awake at 3:53 am in Hong Kong 4/18/17 because of jet lag.  Went to bed last night after dinner at 10 pm.  Perfect time to catch up on the blog.Morning of the 16th we met in the lobby and it all really began.  Bill clarified some of the rules and we went out to take a group photo in front of a trolley car.  Each destination we scavenge at is called a leg.  San Fransico will be an easy one.  They are ranked like golf as pars in this case a par one.  Your ranking times the leg score gives you your running score.  SF will also be pass fail.  Complete the mandatory scavenges and at least 8 total and you pass.  We went back inside to plan what we would do and I discovered my phone was missing.  Not the best start.  Turns out that somewhere before we went to take the team photo, I left it in the hotel or it fell out in the hotel.  We back tracked to find it, but it was gone.  Got back late in the day and the hotel had it.  Housekeeping found it and turned it into security. About 10 am. …